These machines are suitable to the deformation of the plates. We catalog in the two main species:

– Hydraulic presses: using energy generated by oil under pressure with suitable automatic valves is placed in one or more cylinders which control the ram.
– Mechanical presses: exploit the energy of a flywheel driven by an electric motor that transmits motion to the eccentric shaft with one or more connecting rods connected to the ram.

The following machines are available :

Mechanical double uprights presses


Swan neck mechanical presses:

Hydraulic double uprights presses


Hydraulic Gantry type presses

Actually no available machines


Swan neck Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic bending machine presse

A bending machine press is a machine so versatile for use in industry, through it you can bend sheet metal parts, gear boxes or other coating parts. Many also have a press brake tool storage and tool change system. In this case, we talk about bending Centre:

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