400 t SPIERTZ F4E40x2,7

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Manufacture: SPIERTZ
Type :F4E40x2,7
Pressure 400 Ton
Presumed year of 1st installation 1970
Die holder table dimensions (L-Rxf-B) 2780×1530 mm
Die holder ram dimensions (L-Rxf-B) 2750×1550 mm
n.4 pressing points (L-Rxf-B)
Slide stroke 460 mm
Motorized slide regulation 360 mm
Slide strokes  per minute 21
Laterall opening in uprights 1200×1200 mm
N. 2 blank holder cushion 60 ton
Blank holder cushion in basement N.2
Cushion pressure 60 Ton
Cushion stroke 240 mm
Weighr 98 Ton
External dimensions: Height above floor level (table at 200 mm) Total height -Widht/td> 7000x9800x5100 mm


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