400t EMANUEL DEA 400.2000.75

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Manufacture EMANUEL
Type: DEA 400-2000.75
Serial number 1680
Working pressure 400 Ton
Max blank holder power 160 Ton
Opening power 40 Ton
Power of main motor 75 HP
Approach speed 475 mm/sec
Work speed at full power 12 mm/sec
Work speed at half power 25 mm/sec
Return speed 200 mm/sec
Gap between tables 1600 mm
Gap between tables 2000 x 1600 mm
Useful table dimensions 2000 x 1600 mm
Blank holder area 1850 x 1250 mm
Upright opening 800 mm
Slide stroke 1100 mm
Stroke of die cushion 2350 mm
Height above floor of table 600 mm
Max height above floor 5800 mm
Weight (about) 58 Ton

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