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Tipology: 2 AXES CNC LATHE
Manufacture:  DAEWOO
Type: PUMA 350 B
Serial number 493
Year of construction 1999
Cast iron fusion inclined bench 45°
Mandrel junction ASA A2 11″
Hydraulic self centering device 381 mm
Mandrel rotation speed continuous variation – 2 ranges 2000 r.p.m.
Mandrel engine power 30/37 KW
X axis stroke 362 mm
Z axis stroke 1105 mm
X- Z axes rapid progress 16-20 mt/1′
Automatic bidirectional turret – seats a.t.c. n. 10
In cycle tailstock hooked on carriage
Speeds 1
Tailstock sleeve diameter in cycle 120 mm
Maximum rotation Ø on bench 700 mm
Maximum rotation Ø on carriage 480 mm mm
Max turning lenght from self centring device 1050 mm
Numerical control FANUC mod. 18T
Weight 8200 KG

  • Chip discharger
  • Automatic tool presetting
  • Hydraulic self centering mandrel


380 mm


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