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Tipology CNC LATHE
Manufacturer BIGLIA
Model B500
Serial number 4699
Year of construction 1996
Maximum turning length between mandrel and tailstock 500 mm
Maximum turning diameter  between mandrel and tailstock 250 mm
Rapid progress axes X and Z 20 mt/min
Mandrel rotation speed 40 ÷ 4000 min/1
Mandrel junction ASA 6″
X axis stroke 220 ÷ 5 mm
Z axis stroke 500 ÷ 10 mm
Mandrel hole diameter 70 mm
Bar passage 5 mm
Mandrel engine power 1/15 KW
Baruffaldi turretl 12 positions
Sleeve tailstock diameter 85 mm
Sleeve automatic stroke 100 mm
Numerical control FANUC OT-C
CM tailstock junction n. 4
Numerical control FANUC  18TC
Total Weight of machine 4000 KG
Overall dimensions: length-depth-height 3900x1870x1960 mm
Machine in good conditions

  • Chip discharger
  • Pirece collecting arm
  • Self centring hydraulic oleodynamic mandrel diam. 210
  • Machine in excellent conditions


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